Products that are inclusive AF

Our purpose is to help the one billion plus-size people on the planet embrace their bodies and live their best lives...just as they are. 

AmpleFolk was born from the personal journey of our founder, Holly. She knows all too well the nightmare that is trying to live your best life in a larger body.

Having grown up a chubby kid in regional WA, Holly has gone on to live her entire adult life in a plus-size body. In 2020 she decided it was time to start living her best life as a fat b**** and ditch the words ‘when I lose weight I’ll…”. So she decided to stop trying to change her body and instead change the products available to her. Amplefolk is a brand that speaks directly and exclusively to the needs and desires of plus-size people so they can suck the juice out of every single day they have on this planet. 

Products that are inclusive AF. 

Here’s a stat that sucks: 67% of Australians are plus-size (wear a size 16+), but only 6.7% of clothing brands cater to this market. And we aren’t having a bar of it. 

AmpleFolk sells high-quality, thoughtfully designed products from towels and robes to activewear made especially for plus-size people.

In 2024, we are launching our patent-pending radically adjustable sports bra. The revolutionary bra will feature adjustable straps allowing customers to create their own perfect fit. Made from recycled materials in an ethically-accredited factory, the bra can also be used as swimwear. All bodies. All activities. All levels of intensity.

Also launching in 2024 are leggings, bathrobes, beach towels and lots more.

Where Every Body Finds Its Joy

Inclusivity First

You are perfect just as you are

We are passionate AF about making plus-size peoples lives easier and happier in the skin they’re in. So we provide a safe, fun, inclusive AF place for plus-size folk to improve their relationship with their bodies and learn to take up space in the world. 

Made for you, by you

Our products are thoughtfully designed by plus-size legends, for plus-size legends.

Radical Acceptance

We’re all about empowering you, just as you are. Unfiltered, unapologetic, and undeniably real. 

Pure Joy

We’re all about having fun and living life on your own terms regardless of what your body looks like.

Rebels with Purpose

We don’t bow to conventions; we defy them with style and give the finger to diet culture.