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How To Take Care Of Your Beautiful Fat Body

When writing this post, we were conscious that we didn’t want to make fat people feel like there are extra burdens that are imposed on us by virtue of having bodies of...

When writing this post, we were conscious that we didn’t want to make fat people feel like there are extra burdens that are imposed on us by virtue of having bodies of a particular shape. Hence, it is very important to me to point out that everything listed here is something that thin people have to think about too, be it body hair removal, sweating, or chafing - they just experience it differently. When we think about chafing we might be worried about between our thighs or under our belly, but for them they may think about their underarms or nipples. It is still the same experience, just a different manifestation. Therefore, you should never frame taking care of your body as a burden you must undertake because of its size. Your body is a joy and so are you!

If you like to remove your body hair

I think every fat babe who likes to remove their body hair has squatted in the shower attempting to bend like a contortionist trying to shave. If you like to shave, I recommend a razor extender, like the one pictured below from amazon. A small handheld mirror can be positioned to allow for a clearer view of the areas you are trying to reach.

If you are at a place where you are comfortable dethrobing in front of someone else, I personally have found getting leg, brazilian, and underarm waxes absolutely life changing. I totally understand that this isn’t for everyone, and there is definitely potential for negative experiences. What makes me feel comfortable is remembering that they have seen EVERYTHING that there is to be seen, and that they are going to see at least another ten vaginas that day. Lol.

You don’t have to live with chafe!

I chafe. A lot. And I tried a lot of things.

I started with the obvious: bike pants. As a fat babe, I already run pretty hot, and adding another layer to my outfits is truly not what I needed - hence, flop. I found talcum powder to be good once the chafing had happened to help the healing process, but it did not help prevent chafing if I was going to be going on long walks or getting particularly sweaty.

The only thing I have found that works is Thicc Stick. At first I was a bit confused as to what it is, but basically imagine it like a giant lip balm - it smells like eucalyptus and feels like a lovely, smooth pawpaw ointment or lotion. You rub it between your legs and it lasts for hours, completely preventing any chafing. Of course, it can also be used in other spots that chafe, such as underarms, underboobs, under your tummy - the world is your oyster!

Living a life drenched with sweat

Okay so this could totally be a me thing but maybe (??) it applies to other fat babes too so I’ll put it out there just in case - I am really freaking sweaty all the freaking time. I have a few recommendations for this, each of which operates at a different level.

Level 1: I always carry a tea towel with me to dab off any sweat. I find I actually get my sweatiest when I arrive at my destination, so I like to get there early, find a quiet place, remove some layers, dab myself with my teatowel, and cool TF down.

Level 2: Pictured below are these super slay fans that you wear around your neck and look like headphones. No one would ever think you were blasting air at your face to keep yourself cool - it’s a lifesaver!

Level 3: There are medical interventions available for excessive sweating that I will not recommend via Instagram, but I have accessed and have been life changing. If you have a good relationship with your GP, bring up the fact that you think you may have hyperhidrosis and see if you can explore some options.

Having a luxurious shower

Before I got a detachable shower head, I used to look at the water bouncing off my stomach, and think that if the water isn’t even getting underneath my stomach to my legs, how is it getting anywhere else... if you know what I mean. Particularly if you have a small shower, I think a detachable shower head is an absolute must.

It turns out that it is super easy to change a showerhead; you can just buy a new one at Bunnings and it's basically a case of twisting some screws and switching one out for another.


Flash tips

  • lots of things can be purchased with extenders! e.g. toenail clipper extenders, loofer extenders, bum-wipe extenders
  • use men’s deodorant (it’s stronger) and go to town with it! I also use two perfumes - one cheap body mist all over my body (to sort of off-set the smell of the men’s deodorant) and one ‘nice’ one in the normal perfume area
  • my clothes get smelly faster so I wash them more often - I also usually do a soak cycle to make sure they’re coming out as clean as possible!
  • if possible I would totally get a bidet (if you got poop on your hand you wouldn’t just wipe it off, you’d scrub it off - why would your bum be any different?)
  • if you have a shower curtain, switch to a curved shower rod! it will make the shower way more spacious
  • I hated wearing bras and found it hard to find them in my size, but when I realised that they act as a barrier between my boob sweat and my clothes, I started wearing them every day. However, you can also purchase machine-washable bra-liners to soak up underboob sweat!
  • and last but not least, get a plus-size towel that actually fits you from amplefolk <3


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