Jiggle Club

Where are the plus-size-friendly doctors in your areas? Cinemas? Salons? Cafes? Jiggle Club has the answer.

Jiggle Club is a space for our community. Jiggle on over to our Google Sheet below and help out a plus-size pal by sharing your fav places, and find somewhere new for yourself!

Jiggle Club is going to be what you make of it. We’ve built the base and now we’re throwing it over to you to use it in any way you like.

For now, Jiggle Club is but a humble spreadsheet. However, if it’s something you like and that you find helpful, who knows where this could go?! Please email us or dm us on Instagram or TikTok if you have ANY thoughts, we love to hear from you.

NOTE: If the embedded Google Sheet isn't working, here's a link to access it directly!