About Us

Products that are inclusive AF. 

AmpleFolk® helps the one billion plus-size people on the planet embrace their bodies...just as they are. 67% of Australians are plus-size (wear a size 16+), but only 6.7% of clothing brands cater to this market.

AmpleFolk® sells high-quality, high-performance products from towels and robes to activewear made especially for plus-size people.

In 2023, we are launching our patent-pending radically adjustable sports bra. The revolutionary bra will feature adjustable straps allowing customers to create their own perfect fit. It will be five times more adjustable than those on the market, with easy access at the front. All bodies. All activities. All levels of intensity.

Each bra covers six bra sizes and can also be used as swimwear. Made from recycled materials in an ethically-accredited factory, the bra will be sold alongside leggings and a gym towel to complete any exercise outfit!

Check out the articles written about us and our founder Holly Richards to learn more about us.

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